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There's magic in the air when pumpkins glow by moonlight, and Werewolves howl in the distance. Add to your scary good game night with One Night Ultimate Werewolf, or design a haunted castle for a Mad King! Select products are now 20% off and if you're a Wolfpack Member, you receive an additional 10% off!

One Night Ultimate Series

With rounds shorter than 10 minutes, there's a chance for everyone to be a Vampire, Alien, Super Villain or most coveted of all: a Werewolf!!


Castles of Mad King Ludwig

In this 1-4 player tile-laying game, players are tasked with building an amazingly extravagant castle for King Ludwig II of room at a time.

The Palace of Mad King Ludwig

You will be working with your fellow architects to build a stunning palace surrounded by water and of course, swans. Arrange and complete various epic room types while strategically placing swans, and the architect who contributes the most to the palace WINS!



The October specials for Wolfpack Members are frighteningly fun! $5 Ultimate Werewolf expansion packs, $10 Werebeasts, $10 Ultimate Werewolf Inquisition and more! Join our pack today to save on every order, and gain access to exclusive specials!

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Happy Haunting!

What’s October without scary movies, telling urban legends and shrieking at night terrors? If you're wondering witch way to the fun, read our latest blog post and add these eerie-sistable games to your spooky night of delight!

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