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Discover the Grim Beholder’s Backstory with ‘Blissful Sleep’ DLC

The New Narrative Presents Shocking Story Twists with Deep Social and Moral Dilemmas 

Siberia, Russia - May 18, 2017 - Alawar Entertainment and Warm Lamp Games today launched a major DLC pack called Blissful Sleep for their totalitarian spying game Beholder. The new DLC is now available on Steam at $3.99/£2.79/€3.99. Blissful Sleep DLC reveals the gruesome pre-story of the original dystopian Beholder world. The main protagonist, a snitching landlord Hector, appointed by The Ministry of Introductions, is torn by the moral choices brought by his unfortunate status. 

“We are delighted to present the new, expanded Beholder narrative to all players touched by the original story”, said Evgeny Sister, Producer at Alawar. “The Blissful Sleep DLC challenges players’ moral compass digging deep inside their inner values, when making decisions, which impact the branching storyline. This backstory is tapping into the very sensitive area of morality where the lines are blurred between the good and the bad, hopefully helping people relate to it in the real life.” 

The Beholder: Blissful Sleep DLC introduces several deeper, more complicated character backgrounds and shocking story twists taking place in the same Krushvice 6 house before the original storyline begins. The State laws have become more oppressive than ever, disrupting the lives of the people and leaving them miserable and in search of salvation. Players continue to operate under strict totalitarian rules, everyday making moral choices that eventually lead to one of several story endings available. 

Download DLC Beholder: Blissful Sleep on Steam: 

Inspired heavily by George Orwell’s groundbreaking 1984 the philosophical narrative of Beholder, opens up questions around issues of social and moral values. If you are given power to destroy privacy, should you follow the orders of the giver? Or should you treat those that you spy on the way they deserve? Who decides what is deserved? And what if two different people deserve to be saved, but one has to go? Who will you choose?   

More news for mobile device owners: the original version of Beholder game is now also available on iOS and Android! Published by Creative Mobile, the original version can be found on App Store and Google Play at $4.99:

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