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Ultimate Werewolf Extreme Collector's Edition & Super Collector's Edition!

We are SO PUMPED to finally release these two awesome editions of Ultimate Werewolf Extreme! Your once-quiet village is infested with werewolves... Can you and the other villagers find them before they eliminate you?

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is the best -selling party game where each player has a secret role: as a villager, hunt down and eliminate the werewolves. As a werewolf, convince the other players that you're innocent, while secretly eliminating them.

Choose from dozens of special roles each game for unlimited replayability!

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme Collector's Edition includes:

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme Super Collector's Edition includes:



We have been busy packing up our Werewolf truck with lots of goodies for Origins! Cat in the Box: Deluxe Edition will be available for purchase, however we have a limited supply. Be sure to stop at our booth first and grab your copy!


Travel the world without leaving your gaming table thanks to Suburbia's Kickstarter Extras! They range from amazing International recessed borough boards, interactive markers including fun airplanes, city tiles and more! Now an additional 20% off for Wolfpack Members!

Wolfpack perks:


Whether you have Suburbia Collector’s Edition or Suburbia 2nd Edition, this set of extras will enhance your copy of Suburbia, making tile effects easier to track, and increase the accessibility of the player colors for all players! Check out our latest blog on how these awesome extras really enhance your Suburbia game nights!


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