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Watch Battlerite Matches in VR with CamCrew!

Battlerite’s new virtual reality match viewing solution, CamCrew, is now live. In CamCrew you can watch replays or live matches of Battlerite in VR with powerful movement controls. This VR feature allows you to manipulate the camera in-game and operate it like a director of your own movie. You can produce live content from an ongoing match or a saved Replay. CamCrew has a built-in video renderer, which allows direct export of the clips to video file. This toolset is designed to make video production fun, intuitive and fast.

CamCrew has full native support for the Oculus Rift and SteamVR platforms.

“CamCrew is really a whole new way of working with cinematography in digital media. It empowers single users to create content almost in real time that could rival any big production studio with animators and expensive equipment”, said Tobias Johansson, Head of VR at Stunlock Studios. “It breaks down the barriers between ideas and execution and allows anybody to make fantastic shots directly with the camera without any traditional animation work needed.”

Find out more about CamCrew and watch video tutorials here:

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