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Dance of the Fireflies premiere exclusively at UKGE

Backspindle Games are publishing one of the prettiest games ever…. It’s Dance of the Fireflies, a 2-6 player game by designer Oliver Brooks. Players compete to be the next Head Gardener for Lord and Lady Backspindle. They bid on flowers around a Sundial in an attempt to create the most stunning gardens. Each of the six types of beautifully coloured flowers has a special ability which players can utilise to make combos and steal victory. The game is due for release at Spiel 17. Pre-order is available here


In addition, Backspindle’s new co-operative Irish fantasy miniatures boardgame, MourneQuest, due to go on Kickstarter in June 2017, can also be tried at this year’s UKGE.

Mourne Quest promo

Luchador Dice Tag-Team Tournament 
For the Luchador! Wrestling Dice fans, Backspindle are hosting a Tag-Team Knockout Championship at their booth at 11am on Friday 2 June. Prizes as shown below have been donated by US TV show Lucha Underground. 
Players are encouraged to come to the booth wearing Lucha Masks, cloaks and outfits. Luchador! designer, Mark Rivera will be on hand to present the prizes and sign games.

A maximum of 16 teams can enter (first come) and sign-up by the team captain is here. Don’t miss out!


Finally, Backspindle will have a limited amount of copies available of last year’s Top Pocket size game, Codinca, as well as some Discworld Clacks games based on the Going Postal book by Terry Pratchett. 
Backspindle Games booth is G18.


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