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PC Pilot Platinum Award for our 146 Professional!

We were pleased to see our recently released 146 Professional for P3D v4.5/v5 getting a score of 95/100 in the PC Pilot review...

"Just Flight raised the bar with this excellent rendition of the BAe 146. An authentic flight model backed up by high-quality graphics and superb systems simulation."

"The systems modelling is where the aircraft really stands out"

"A very immersive and authentic sound environment"

"Just Fight used real-world performance figures and input from former 146 pilots to fine-tune the flight model and it shows"

"Frame rates were surprisingly good taking into account the complexity of the aircraft"

See the Just Flight website for the full list of all the aircraft features!

You can read the full review in the latest issue of PC Pilot - it's on sale from their website now.

146 Professional (for P3D v4.5/v5)  £59.99 / €74.95 / $84.99   X-Plane 11 edition currently in development!

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