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While you wait (im)patiently for the release of Gloomhaven, check out the Key Art and presentation of the first 4 characters that players can experiment with during their perilous exploration of the dungeons in Gloomhaven. Each mercenary has its own class, race and set of different destructive abilities. You must use all your cleverness to gather the best team and get all you need to earn a (small) chance of surviving the many challenges waiting for you. Gloomhaven will launch in Early Access on PC this summer.

The beta version of Terraforming Mars is now on your mobile device! After colonizing Mars on Steam, players can continue their conquest on iOS and Android. Players can live the experience of Terraforming Mars, alone or online directly on their smartphones or tablets. iOS and Android users can play together during the mobile beta test. When the game will be officially released, they will also be able to play with Steam (Windows) users.

Starting May 16th ,discover the events that lead to the creation of Talisman in its new digital adaptation, Talisman: Origins. Players will learn more about Talisman's history through an all-new scenario experience. They will explore the different books that recount all the events of its incredible story such as the creation of the Crown of Command, the return of the dragons, the battle against the Efreets and the rise of the guilds. They will also have the chance to play the role of 12 Talisman characters, including the exclusive Great Wizard, as you fight to save the land against the invasion of dragons, deceiving demons, mysterious guilds and much more... Or you can play the role of a villain to provoke the invasion of the dragons!

Discover The Ancient Beasts, the new expansion of Talisman: Digital Edition, available on May 16th! The land of Talisman has suffered the faults of mankind. Sorcerers and witches have scorched the earth, warriors and fighters have shed blood and dead bodies lie everywhere... But today, the quest for the crown is not the main concern of heroes as they are now called to face the behemoths and titans of Talisman who finally awake from their slumber. The Talisman: The Ancient Beasts DLC includes 2 new characters, the Specialist and the Head Hunter, 15 mythical creatures cards, 13 terrain cards, 27 mythical creatures reward cards, 2 alternative endings and 6 tokens. 


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