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Terraforming Mars' Draft Variant mode is now available on Steam. Available as an option for the local multiplayer mode and the online mode, this update adds a new dimension to the game: no more leaving things up to chance as the player takes control! A brand new experience, particularly recommended for those who know the game well. 

Zombicide will finally be available on IOS and Google Play on April 24th. This April, it's not just the White Walkers you should be worried about — watch out for the zombies as well, because Zombicide is coming to your smartphone. Player will have to gather their teams and play smart if they want to defeat the hordes of the living dead. You'd better gear up and prepare yourself if you want to survive...


Check out Carcassonne's new DLC: The Princess & The Dragon! When a dangerous dragon threatens the land of Carcassonne, the Princess gathers her army of knights and seeks help from the Fairy to prepare for battle! Players can fight the threat with brand new features like the Fairy Meeple, Magic Portals in the shape of new tiles, and of course the fearsome dragon that could wipe out all your opponents' meeple... or your own! This DLC is compatible with all other DLC and will be available on Steam and Google Play as of April 30th.


XenoShyft is getting new DLC with The Forbidden Sciences this April. With this new DLC, players will have access to new division cards - the Psychogenics Labs and Grafting Research - as well as five new items for these divisions. Players can enhance the hidden potential of the human mind with the Psychogenics Labs or transform their troops into terrifying human-alien hybrids with the Grafting Lab... fully making use of the forbidden sciences. XenoShyft: Forbidden Sciences, already available on Steam, App Store and Google Play.

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