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Q & A Gloomhaven

1/ Why is Gloomhaven THE board game to be adapted to video game?
Julien : Because it was designed, I think, as a video game by its creator: Isaac Childres.
The richness of the battle mechanics, the enemies' AI, the characters' progression…everything in the game goes far beyond what we can traditionally expect from a board game and is in fact closer to a video game.
I like to think that Isaac designed a game system with features that can quite easily be translated onto several platforms.
2/ What is the main challenge of this development?
Julien : Content! Each character has about thirty aptitude cards, further divided into two distinct groups of abilities. On top of that, you add the enemies' aptitudes, and you have more than 1000 unique powers to integrate, animate and test.
3/ Who is your favorite character?
Julien : I can't talk about the unlockable characters, because that would spoil the surprise! Among the 6 characters available from the beginning of the campaign, my favorite is by far the Tinkerer: he's an extremely versatile character and has a selection of amazing powers you can use at the end of the dungeon. That makes it a useful character in about any group and an excellent boss-killer. And if that wasn't enough, you shouldn't trust its size, it's small but very strong!

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