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Ares Games to show its upcoming games and recent releases at Gen Con 2021

The new Sword & Sorcery stand-alone set, Ancient Chronicles, Masters of the Night, Mini Rogue, and Waste Knights Second Edition are some of the games to be presented at booth #521; first copies of the upcoming Diabolik and Black Rose Wars Inferno will be at the show

Ares Games will be at Gen Con 2021 (Booth #521, September 16-19, Indianapolis), presenting new releases and upcoming games. Attendees will have the chance to check recent Ares’ releases as the new stand-alone campaign set of Sword & SorceryAncient Chronicles; the solo/cooperative game Masters of the Night, together with new releases from Ares’ partners, including the minimalist dungeon crawler Mini Rogue, by Nuts! Publishing, and the post-apocalyptic adventure/survival game Waste Knights: Second Edition, by Galakta Games.

Ares will also pre-release Diabolik - Heists and Investigations, an innovative hidden movement and deduction game designed by Luca Maragno and inspired by a famous Italian comic series, and Black Rose Wars – Inferno, a new expansion for Black Rose Wars where battle moves to the Underworld, with mages facing Lucifer and his infernal evocations while they fight to dominate the Black Rose lodge. A limited number of copies of these games will premiere at the show, and they will release to retail in October.

Quartermaster General series will be featured at Ares’ booth, with the WW2 Quartermaster General Second Edition and its first expansion, Total War for the first time at Gen Con. Quartermaster General Second Edition revamps the award-winning, fast-paced strategy game by Ian Brody. Players control one or more countries on either the Axis or Allied team. The expansion Total War introduces Air Forces, two new countries and a new type of cards into the game. A new game in the series is coming later this year, Quartermaster General: 1914, recreating the “Great War”, with mechanics reflecting the military, economy, and politics of the time.

Ares will also bring to the show several Roleplaying Games releases: the 5th Edition setting Brancalonia - releasing to retail this month, and nominated in four categories of ENNIE Awards 2021 (winners to be announced at the show), and the Lex Arcana product line.

Brancalonia RPG is the all-Italian setting for the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game of all time, published by Acheron Games. Set in a twisted version of Medieval Italy, this unheroic, picaresque and roguish world quotes, collects, and mixes references from contemporary Italian fiction and hundreds of works of Italian fantasy tradition, pop culture, and collective imagery, such as Collodi’s Pinocchio, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Spaghetti Western and other classic Italian movies, or video games set in the “Bel Paese”.

Lex Arcana - An Empire without End is a roleplaying game whose unique setting merges history, mythology, and legend. It is a world where Roman imperial legions clash with barbaric hordes on the field of battle, while ancient monsters, mystical powers and nameless cults threaten the rule of the Caesars from within. Players take on the role of Custodes (wardens) of the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana, imperial agents sent on missions to the most distant and dangerous corners of the Roman Empire and beyond. 

In addition to the upcoming and recent releases, attendees will find all products currently in Ares’ catalog, including many games released in 2020 that were not presented at conventions due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

For more information about our games, visit Ares Games’ website - At Gen Con 2021, visit Ares Games’ booth - #521.

Ares Games is a board game publisher with offices in USA and Italy, established in 2011 to create quality hobby products for the international audience. Ares Games is the publisher of the award-winning "War of the Ring" board game, of the "Wings of Glory" range of airplane combat games and miniatures, the award-winning tactical ship-to-ship miniature game “Sails of Glory”, and the cooperative tactical dungeon crawler “Sword and Sorcery”. Its catalog also includes family games and euro games. Ares Games is also master distributor in the USA and other non-European countries of games published by some of the best European board game and role-playing game publishers. For further information, visit the website and the Facebook page -
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