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We are pleased to announce that ARCA'S PATH VR is available now on all major VR devices.

Watch Arca's Path VR Launch Trailer here

Arca's Path brings hands-free gameplay to VR

Independent UK studio Rebellion and Dream Reality Interactive are delighted to announce that Arca's Path VR is out now on all major VR devices.

Featuring innovative hands-free gameplay and a soundtrack from Ninja Tune artist Raffertie, Arca's Path is available to buy and download on PlayStation Store, SteamVR, Viveport and Oculus Store, with a 10% discount available during the first week of launch on all stores.

Arca's Path VR uniquely lets you use your gaze to play. Simply look in the direction you want to move in, and traverse the game's enchanting world and labyrinthine puzzles. A controller isn't required to play, whichever platform you're playing on.

In Arca's Path you play a young girl who discovers a beguiling new world. As you wander further down its path, the beauty around you fractures. The road ahead of you becomes more treacherous. Navigate the path and puzzles to discover the truth behind the unreality and find your way back home.

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