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The following is a message from Ed at Walrus Games. It concerns news on his Kickstarter. I would just like to say that anyone running a one-man-band deserves credit and patience.
It's great that Ed is thinking of his supporters and not hiding from the tasks ahead. Games Gazette Online wishes him all the very best and hope that all his supporters will not waiver in that support.

I am sorry, but all is not lost!

This email is the joint hardest email I've ever had to send - pretty much on par with last years email. I wanted to send it last night, but instead I spent the evening chasing buses around London trying to find my phone (long story...) There will be no pictures here, just information and a link to the unfinished preview.

I have good news, and bad news. I will start with the bad news first, as the good should hopefully make it a little better. Before you go into this email, please remember that Everdark is something I do part-time, I have a full time job which can have very long hours. So when the real world comes knocking (and knocking hard it has been), Walrus Games and Everdark suffer for it. I can only apologise for this and express that I am literally one man and I do what I can do give you guys the best game I can make! I don't want to rush the campaign and project, so I am asking for more time from you all. Thank you for reading this email. I am deeply grateful!

Bad News
Slight Delay on the Kickstarter

I am unable to launch the Kickstarter today. A series of problems have resulted in the campaign page being unfinished.

Some of them were:

The video for the Kickstarter being mostly cancelled due to the volunteers being filmed being unable to attend the filming. I had to film the intro by myself (pretty hard considering what I had originally wanted to do). I've also had to edit it myself, and I have never edited videos like this before, so it's no Spielberg film. :( I am going to re-edit it when my friend (who edits films) is available again.

I have also been on-call all week (including today and tomorrow) resulting in me being unable to work on the project
(It's been a 110+ hour work week). As a result, I was unable to do any of the intense work I had planned for the Kickstarter and get it ready. I got close. So close... but that doesn't matter now.

Things on the page are rough and I am not happy with the overall campaign page. As a result, the campaign will suffer, and the future success of Walrus Games is in genuine danger of being over after this campaign. I have put all my savings into the development of this game and I am financially unable to do any more games after this. I don't want that to happen, and the future games I have lined up, trust me, you will want me to get them made!

Good News!
Preview Link & Early Bird Pledge Offer

I want you to know that I am definitely launching soon. I can't put an exact date down, but you guys here will be the first to know the moment it goes live.

So I am giving people here a preview. I am posting the link so that you might see the Kickstarter page, leave feedback and watch it develop and inch closer to being completed. I am posting the link to the preview below. Please view it, give me good and bad feedback. The best way for Everdark to be successfully funded is to tell me what you don't like, and I can act and make this the game & campaign that you guys want!

As an apology and a thank you for your patience, I am going to be increasing the amount of available early bird pledges to the amount of recipients in this mailing list. Before I go live with the campaign, I will email everyone in this list so that you might have advanced warning, and everyone in the list will have an opportunity to get their copies of Everdark at a cheaper amount.

I know its not much... but I am honestly trying my hardest here, and I am struggling right now. The support of you all is all that has really kept me going this last 12 months, and I wish to say thank you by giving you all the opportunity to get it a bit cheaper.
Kickstarter Preview for Everdark

So please, let me know any feedback. Please also accept my apologies for the disappointment. I have messed up again with my launch, but just know that I do this with such passion and the fact I am not rushing this. Rather look at it as me taking my time and making it as good as possible is all so you guys can have an amazing game (pun intended!) that you'll love and play again and again!

I am a very open person and I will answer ANY question you have. Even the bad ones. I will respond honestly and openly to you all. Let me know your thoughts! Just rest assured, the game WILL be launching soon. I just need a bit more time.

Thank you all, stay safe, and I will be in contact again VERY SOON! 

Your humble game creator,

The Walrus Games

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