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If you've been waiting for the right time to grab a pack or upgrade, here's your chance: right now, all packs and upgrades are 34% off! The following discounts will last until February 11 at 18:00 UTC:
Remember that you can upgrade Veteran and Epic Founder Packs to higher-tier Starter Packs as well. With the Oberon update coming soon, there's never been a better time to pick up a pack or upgrade!


Development Update: Hidden Entrances and Randomized Dungeons

Two major new features, Hidden Entrances and Randomized Dungeons, will be introduced with the Oberon update this spring. Hidden Entrances are gateways that spawn at random throughout the open world, while Randomized Dungeonsare procedurally generated dungeons that offer constantly new and unpredictable open-world adventures.
For more information and details of the current state of these features, click here.


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