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With Allhallows in full swing and a new standalone event season starting soon, it's the perfect time for a Fame Boost! Starting on November 4 at 10:00 UTC, the Mists of Albion buff will return for a full week, granting an additional 25% Fame to all activities. It's the perfect time to level your gathering and crafting, unlock new weapon lines, and max out your specs. The Fame Boost ends at maintenance on November 11, so don't miss out!

The Grim Challenge is Back

The chill in the air grows colder, and a pestilential presence spreads across the land. It can only mean one thing... the Grim Challenge has returned! For the entire month of November, earn points for gathering, fishing, farming, and killing monsters, and unlock fabulously grim prizes like the fast and fearsome Pest Lizard!
For more information, including details of Adventurer's Tokens (which allow you to trade in unclaimed Avatar Rings), click here.

Allhallows Continues

The Allhallows event is in full swing, with a special Halloween-themed group dungeon and decorations in all cities. If you're still searching for the eerie presence known only as Bob, time is running out! For more details, click here

If you still haven't joined the world of Albion, the Fall Fame Boost is the perfect opportunity. Download the game and play for free now:  Client Download

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