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Albion Online's Lancelot Update is just around the corner, and this week we've got not one, but two new Dev Talks from Game Director Robin Henkys. 
In the first talk he gives all the details of one of Lancelot's most anticipated new features: fishing. Where and how can you fish? What can you do once you actually catch a fish? How does it tie into Albion's economy? Watch the video to find out:
In the second Dev Talk, he sheds some light on the upcoming GvG Season 2. Changes and improvements coming with the next season include Siphoning Mage spawn/drop updates, Rogue Mages, changes to Castle scoring, and more:
If you prefer written summaries of these talks, you can read about fishing here and GvG seasons here.
Lancelot comes to the world of Albion on March 12. For an overview of all the upcoming features including new Hellgates, new Artifact Armors, Roaming Mobs, and more, click here.


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