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Air Hauler 2 for X-Plane 11

Create, control and expand your own freight and passenger company!

Following on from the hugely popular P3D/FSX edtion, Air Hauler 2 is now available for X-Plane 11!

Air Hauler 2 puts you in complete control of your own freight and passenger company, letting you take charge of business decisions and flight operations in both the boardroom and the cockpit.

The limitless possibilities and flexibility of Air Hauler 2 let you immerse yourself totally in every operational detail of your company - each crucial flight will have an effect on the reputation and reach of your expanding empire.

The success of your operation and the level of complexity depend on you - simply fly jobs between bases and buy or lease aircraft, or carve out a career in the air freight or airline industry by hiring AI pilots and risking everything on loans to fill up your dream hangar. You can create your own virtual airline, build routes, look out for special humanitarian missions, trade cargo commodities, open factories at your airports, buy parts and very much more - the possibilities really are endless!

Air Hauler 2

For X-Plane 11




DC Designs now presents new F-15 C, E & I Eagle collections!

Following on from their very well received F/A-18 E, F & G Super Hornet package,

DC Designs now presents new F-15 C, E & I Eagle collections!

This new fighter collection includes the C, E 'Strike Eagle' and I models in a total of nine liveries, with front and rear cockpit positions, smoothly animated 3D instruments, custom-coded radar, MFDs, collimated HUD and custom-coded user-controlled ordnance via virtual cockpit controls.

Other features include authentic night lighting with user-operated 'slime lights' for combat operations, FLIR camera and working mirrors in P3D v4/v5, custom-coded air intake animations based on airspeed and angle of attack, optional animated front and rear pilot figures, numerous external animations, custom animated afterburner flames and sonic shockwave effects

F-15 C, E & I Eagle For P3D v4/v5:

For P3D v1-v3 & FSX

Both versions:  £26.99 / €33.75 / $40.99

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