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Hello Pathfinder Online Customer:

I just wanted to give you an update on our progress for moving Pathfinder Online forward. As you may remember, in March we published a blog called The Road Forward where we outlined our development plan for Pathfinder Online and how we were going to move it towards Open Enrollment.

Our first big milestone, EE12, is now live on the server! I am proud to say that our team not only delivered on every single feature that we promised in that blog, but also were able to add even more things to the game, providing a deeper and richer play experience. I know that there was skepticism that our small team was going to be able to deliver on the promises that we made. Hopefully, EE12 is proof that we are going to underpromise and overdeliver.

Now that EE12 is done and live on the server, the team is focused on EE13 which is due in July. One of the big deliverables is going to be the gusher system for gathering, which will allow you to find and harvest motherlodes of raw materials in the game. There is also going to be an ability to raid holdings and steal bulk resources from other players. We will focus a lot of effort on the new player experience and getting those players into settlements. Once these new player features are in, we will start the process of finding new players for the game through our marketing efforts.

As part of the moving of our systems to Paizo’s, we had to switch our billing system over. To encourage folks to reset their billing data, we have been offering a 10% discount on any game time purchases. We have extended the end date for this thank you to the community to June 27th and hope that EE12 and the progress the team has made will encourage you to come back to the game and give us a try again. We have seen many returning players in-game recently and it is always great to re-establish old friendships.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your support of Pathfinder Online. The team here at Paizo is focused on finishing the game and providing you with the best single-server sandbox experience we can. I hope you will come along for the ride!

Lisa Stevens
Paizo Inc

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