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Welcome to  Until the Bitter End - Tanks,  a World War 2 wargame.  This is the third game in the Until the Bitter End series and the first that focuses, solely, on tank (and other armoured fighting vehicles) battles. This is  a print and play game for solitaire and two-players. This is a standalone game in my series of WW2 print and play games. You don't need to have played or own the first games - all of the digital PDF files are included (you simply print it out, provide yourself with a regular six sided dice and a pencil).

The game is quick to setup and play, it takes around 30 minutes to play a shorter game, to less than a couple of hours for a larger game and requires very little space.

The game sets Allied tanks and armoured fighting vehicles against their German enemies in a series of small skirmish scenarios. The game's counters each represent an actual tank or armoured fighting vehicle with the gameplay being in the thick of brutal combat.

Please click HERE for a video overview.

This is a print and play game with the PDFs containing all the rules, scenarios, maps, player aids and counters required to play. You'll need to print them out, mount the maps and counters to card and provide your own pencil and a regular six sided dice. We have kept the maps and counters to a few sheets (of either Letter or A4 size) so it is very inexpensive and quick to print out and mount.

The game comes complete with:

Please click here for a brief video I have done describing some of the contents of the game  

Stretch Goals 

Stretch Goal 1! 50 Backers - Churchill Tank Counter with new artwork

Stretch Goal 2! 100 Backers - Additional Map and Scenarios

Stretch Goal 3! 150 Backers - Firefly Tank Counter with new artwork

Stretch Goal 4! 200 Backers - Additional Map and Scenarios

and more to be announced!



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