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Now Launched. 7th June 2022

With over a decade in development, we are finally ready to announce Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition! This collector's item will only be available through this special offering. Once produced, it will never be made again. Sign up to be notified of developments, and on June 7th, 2022 you can pledge on Kickstarter to get your own numbered copy.

The luxury version of Tsuro by Calliope Games is a single print run only, once it's done it's done, of this version of the game will be released soon and it has a collectable price tag of  $350.00 (£280.00)

24 Days to go (from June 7th)

Instead of the plastic pieces that come with the $40.00 (£32.00) for the original Tsuro (just under £24.00 Wayland Games) and Tsuro of the Seas $45.00 (£36.00) this edition has exquisite Stone tiles, a bamboo Scroll for the Rules, a Gold 1st player Dragon and metal Dragons and Phoenix player pieces. TSURO is a game to be played; this edition is a thing to be treasured.

Calliope's sign-up page

Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition will not be available after release through distribution to retailers. Your game will be part of an extremely limited print run, which will be commemorated with an individually stamped metal plate depicting your game's number and a supporting Certificate of Authenticity. We are only producing this game once, so now is your chance!

Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition

The classic board game elevated to the centerpiece of your collection, with carved wood, metal miniatures, & sculpted stone tiles.

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