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Tsukuyumi to Launch on Kickstarter 3/19

This updated edition adds miniatures to this epic area control game 

St. Louis, MO – Grey Fox Games is announcing today that the updated edition of Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down will be launching on Kickstarter on March 19th. 

Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down is an area control game with asymmetric factions originally released by King Racoon Games through a previous Kickstarter campaign. The game is set in a futuristic version of Earth sent into chaos after the moon collides with it. Players can control a wide variety of asymmetric factions in the game including a team of mutated boars, a swarm of powerful insects and a squad of robotic samurai.

The new Kickstarter campaign will feature plastic miniatures as well as some slight updates to the rules to better integrate the mini's into the newer version of the game. There will also be some newly created exclusive content fans of the game won't want to miss.

Below are some in-progress renders of the miniatures being created for the campaign.

Pricing and pledge level details for the campaign are still being finalized. There will be an option for previous backers of Tsukuyumi to upgrade their copy to the new version.

About Grey Fox Games

Grey Fox Games is a small publisher of high-quality board games who believes in putting out games which play great, look great, and provide exciting gaming opportunities for players of all experience levels.  From small box games like SUPERHOT: The Card Game to big box hits like Champions of Midgard and Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Grey Fox Games strives to only produce games that its founding members continue to love to play. 

Grey Fox Games are Quality Games, Cleverly Crafted.

About King Racoon Games

King Racoon Games is a game studio based in Germany specializing in making high quality asymmetric games set in immersive worlds. The studio's head Felix Mertikat, both designed and illustrated Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down. Felix has published award-winning graphic novels including the Steam Noir series, Netwars and Jakob.


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