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Trinidad City-building game in cardboard version crowdfunding campaign on GS.

1580, South America: a new colony borns on the ashes of the previous settlement. The difficulties are many: the laking of resources, the difficult commerce with Spain, the unmanageable City Council, and the English Corsairs who threaten destruction. Will you succeed in the challenge?

Trinidad is the latest game by Michele Quondam (Medioevo Universale GX, Virus, Romolo o Remo, Gladiatori, and many more). It is a city-building game for 1-5 players, which lasts about 30-40 min per player. 

After the first crowdfunding campaign's success (2019), many gamers asked us to make a cheaper version of the Trinidad board game: here is a campaign to make it happen! The standard edition of Trinidad is without miniatures at a more affordable price: 49.95 euro. 

In Trinidad, the players are the heads of the Spanish colonial families who founded the Ciudad de la Santisima Trinidad in 1580 (which later became known as Buenos Aires). They will have to develop the starting settlement by building buildings like houses and palaces, stonecutters, markets, churches, and many more while making the city look beautiful with squares, fountains, and monuments.
They will have to use their workers as best as possible, choose carefully where to send them, and use their characters and affiliates to make the most powerful combos. Furthermore, they will have to work hard to keep good relations with the natives and keep out the English Corsairs, who are only waiting for the right moment to raid the city.

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