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We're back! Okay, we've never really been away. We've been hunkered down working with a few personal issues and, of course, the ongoing pandemic. The important thing is we are all okay (well, Wiggy is still recovering from his stroke). Despite being quiet we've been hard at work behind the scenes and 2021 will see several new projects come to fruition.

Ironclads - Space Battles in the Victorian Aether

We've talked about Ironclads before and, yes, its been a long time in the making. It's taken us much longer than we ever would have imagined, but the scope and size of the project is huge for a small company like TAG. The pandemic has really slowed us down for playtesting, so that has not helped. We are now building our Kickstarter campaign. We now invite you to sign up to be notified when we launch this spring using the link below!

What's in Ironclads?

Ironclads is a ship-to-ship tactical battle game which can be played on your tabletop. The 3D printable ships allow you to build impressive fleets to battle with your friends.

The contents of the core game which will be available in the Kickstarter are:

3x Factions (United States of America, Great Britain, & Germany)

12x Standard ship models (Each faction gets a gunboat. destroyer, cruiser, and battleship, each featuring swappable weapon hardpoints)

6x Faction specific armaments

4x Generic armaments

1x Accessories pack (Contains all of the gameplay components and tokens)

1x Admiral's rules manual (Core game rules)

3x Fleet manuals (Details of each factions specific rules and pre-built ships)

1x Mission briefings book

Special Kickstarter Exclusive Add-Ons!

3x Legendary models (The British Honorable-class monitor, German Deutschland-class battlecruiser, and American Lightning-class light cruiser)

Oh, So Many Stretch Goals!

This Kickstarter will feature 30 exciting daily unlocks and, for now, secret awesome stretch goals!

The game will grow as the Kickstarter campaign progresses, so join us, Admiral, on this exciting new journey for TAG!

Dramatis Personae

Welcome back, in limited form at the moment, Wiggy!

Whether you need a new archetype for a new player, a range of heroic archetypes for a convention game, a quick NPC or two to round out an encounter, or just a few ideas to help your imagination, Dramatis Personae covers all the bases.

This project was previously available as a free unedited PDF reward for Kickstarter backers. It has since been given a brand new cover, a good edit, a reorganization into four sections, and grown by a third, offering you considerably more material. Even better, it is now available in softcover format!

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