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SEA of LEGENDS comes from Zach Weisman of the famous Weisman games design and publishing family who gave us brilliant games such as MAGE KNIGHT and GOLEM ARCANA as well as many excellent games under the FASA banner

Sea of Legends: Kickstarter Launch



Explore a wildly reimagined Caribbean, bursting with magic and mayhem!Sea of Legends is a narrative-driven, open-world tabletop game for 1 - 4 players. Swashbuckle and swindle your way to victory as one of four unique captains. Raid ports, bury treasure, fall in love, and defeat your nemesis as you compete to become the most legendary pirate on the open sea.Your decisions will make waves throughout the Caribbean as each player takes part in shared adventures woven together by our companion app. Choose wisely.

In Sea of Legends, the fickle winds of fate can fill your sails or turn against you at any moment. With twenty-six writers, crafting over 400 unique stories, you'll never play the same game twice.Navigate the shifting tides as you pursue multiple paths to victory and forge your own tale. Will you answer the call to adventure? The sea awaits! 

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