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Rupture: focused on story over rules and hard mechanics

Rupture is a new system that takes inspiration from classic fantasy TTRPGs, but focuses on story over rules and hard mechanics. It was designed for players not interested in learning massive rulesets but still having enough depth for veteran players to dig into.

300 years ago an event called “The Great Rupture” swept through the land of Toral. Since then, magic filled every person and object. With the creation of new species and transformed landscapes, while at peace, tensions between civilisations grew.

Rupture is a d12 focused system that guides and rewards players for telling compelling stories. In almost any situation, players describe what they want to do, and are given bonuses for more interesting descriptions to promote an immersive experience.

"This game has been great for a story driven play style. It was very easy to pick up the mechanics and has all my favourite parts of the ttrpg experience, in one package."
- The Bruiser Brakish Kemf -

Rupture’s Kickstarter will go live on September 6th. Take advantage of some great early bird rewards by visiting the Coming Soon page to get notified on launch!

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