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Last call! Robinson Crusoe Pledge Manager is closing on Nov 4.

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If you still haven’t finished your Robinson Crusoe order in the Pledge Manager, please take a minute to do so. Pledge Manager will remain open until November 4. Today we are also revealing how the Robinson Crusoe playmat will look like.
Pledge Manager for Robinson Crusoe: Collector’s Edition will be closed on November 4. This means that if you still haven’t finished your order, please take a minute to do it now, as these are the last days to do so. 
This is an open Pledge Manager meaning that if any of your friends missed the Gamefound campaign, it’s still possible to jump in and make a late pledge. But this option is available only until November 4.
We’d like to remind you that upon opening Pledge Manager in August we introduced new surprise add-ons:
We all think that Monkey is a fantastic new companion, so we strongly recommend that you learn more about it in the addon description.
Please mind that Monkey being added after the campaign is not a part of any of the pledges (even not All-in pledges), This means that regardless of your pledge level, if you would like to have the Monkey in your collection, it is necessary to select it from the addons section. 
Playmat design for Robinson Crusoe is ready
We are very excited to present the final design of the playmat for the game. Upon testing we modified some of the areas of the playmat compared to the draft presented during the campaign. 
Our goals when designing the layout of the playmat were:
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