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It’s time to announce our next release for 2018! We’re proud to share with you, Ragusa: an ingenious worker placement game from the mind of Calimala designer Fabio Lopiano!

Released in partnership with U.S. publisher Capstone Games and illustrated by the talented Bartek Roczniak, the game transports players to the titular Renaissance city of Ragusa (now Dubrovnik) in the 15th century, where they work as powerful aristocrats trying to build the city – and their fortunes.

The turn-by-turn gameplay will feel instantly familiar to players: place houses between spaces and gain access to the resources or actions that those spaces represent. 

But Ragusa has a trick up its sleeve - some spaces reactivate the houses around them, whether they belong to you or another player. This ensures players are always engaged, and gives weight your choices early in the game.

Meshing worker placement, market manipulation, and hidden objectives, Ragusa isn't without its complexity - but still only asks players to make one choice per turn, keeping things light and fast.

What’s more, we're going all-out to give Ragusa the treatment it deserves - with unique wooden tower pieces and walls, transparent tracker beads, printed component organisers, a solo AI deck, and much more! 

We will launch Ragusa on Kickstarter in mid-November, and will have more details soon, so keep your eyes peeled! 

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