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GamesMaster: The Oral History book launches on Kickstarter 

LONDON, UK, 25 March 2021: Read-only Memory, Publisher of beautiful books on videogames, has today announced the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for GamesMaster: The Oral History, charting the highs and lows of Channel 4’s iconic and anarchic UK videogames entertainment show.

Guided by show host Dominik Diamond and featuring a foreword by one-time games playing champion RobbieWilliams, GamesMaster: The Oral History spans over 80,000 words and features over 40 contributors including production crew, celebrity guests and the games playing members of the public who became either playground heroes or defeated outcasts vying for the iconic Golden Joystick prize.  

First broadcast in 1992 amid a brash youth television takeover, the ambitious and sometimes chaotic production of GamesMaster is as much a story of the 1990s, set against a backdrop of videogame console wars, Britpop, and a curious new thing called the World Wide Web.

Spanning seven chapters and over 320+ pages covering  each of the show’s distinctly themed series, this beautifully designed book documents the instant and phenomenal  success of the show, the creativity behind its creation, and the subsequent highs and lows experienced behind the scenes. 

The lineup includes: Dominik Diamond (show host), Jane Hewland (executive producer), Jonny Ffinch (producer), Dave ‘Games Animal’ Perry (commentator), Richard Wilcox (researcher), Robbie Williams, Pat Sharp, Vic Reeves, Uri Geller, John Regis  MBE, Paul McKenna, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Zig and Zag, and many more... The book is now funding on Kickstarter, with publication  scheduled for winter this year, ahead of the show’s 30th anniversary in 2022.

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