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Last Light is in its final hours on Gamefound!
As we enter into the final hours for our Last Light campaign on Gamefound, all of us at Grey Fox Games would like to thank our 2500+ backers for pledging over $400,000 to make Last Light a reality.
We have added so much EXCLUSIVE content to Last Light, if you were waiting to back, now is the time to do it. Backing now is the only way to lock in the Gamefound pricing, and guarantee you get the Grey Fox EXCLUSIVE edition of the game.

Time is running out - go to the campaign page and watch the multiple videos and playthroughs! Check out the game on Tabletop Simulator! Read about the different Alien Factions and Technologies!

If after that, you want to be able to play the only true 4X Space Game that plays in under an hour, back Last Light so you can secure your copy of this amazing game.

Thank you!

The Grey Fox Games Team


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