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So its been 4 years in the making but we are going to be crowdfunding a game that I have poured all of my creative knowledge into. David J Mortimer and I have spent many, many hours designing a solid wargaming ruleset and I'm proud of this project more than any other to date.
Ironclads: Space Battles in the Victorian Aether will be on Kickstarter next week.
We also made a film which is on youtube!
Thanks to my awesome business partner Wiggy Wade-Williams for helping with all the world building and extra writing!
Photo borrowed from Richard Wilkins


Dear TAG Fans,

In the last newsletter we announced the launch date of Ironclads on Kickstarter. In this week's newsletter we are giving you the campaign details and format.

Ironclads Origins

Some of you have asked us where the idea for Ironclads came from. Even though it is a miniatures game, it was inspired by Leagues of Adventure, our steampunk RPG setting, written by Wiggy. Our two designers, Robin Elliott and David J. Mortimer, were influenced by the game and designed Ironclads from this rich background.


The Ironclads campaign is launching on 13th December and will run for 30 days over Christmas. We have a very special bonus for all backers on Christmas Day - a unique ironclad!

Early Birds

There will be NO early birds We don't want people to miss out just because they came late to the party.

Stretch Goals

Yes, we have a series of fantastic stretch goals planned. We're keeping the details of these secret until each one is announced.

Add Ons

We have four add-on packs. These are American, British, and German civilian ironclads and a Legendary ship pack. Pledging for these will definitely enhance your collection!

Cover pic

Pledge Levels

We're keeping thing easy and there are only three pledge reward levels.
CAPTAIN - Gets you TWO Factions of your choice plus all unlocked stretch goals.
COMMODORE - All THREE Factions plus all unlocked stretch goals.
ADMIRAL - The ALL-IN pledge! Consists of all THREE Factions plus all FOUR add-on ship packs

Daily Upgrades

Finally, every day throughout the Kickstarter we'll unlock a special upgrade for the game. These include new weapons, terrain pieces, and ironclads! These will be given to all backers, regardless of their pledge level.

Further Ironclads Releases

Over the next few years we will be releasing new packs, including the major nations found in Leagues of Adventure, special Factions, and rules expansions. Ironclads will be one of our leading brands from 2022 onward.

We hope you'll join us on this exciting new chapter for Triple Ace Games.

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