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The Village Returns:
Join the fight... Bring your friends...
Our strength is in numbers!

If you missed out the first time don't make the same mistake again and get on board with Village Attacks Grim Dynasty about to go live on Kickstarter!

Grim Dynasty is a brand new expansion to the original fully co-operative castle defence game, adding the folklore of ancient China into play. 

Players must continue the ceaseless war with the mortal realm, taking on the roles of Monsters and defending their home from the near-endless waves of villagers who seek to end you once and for all!

The kickstarter will offer the core game and all original Village Attacks products (excluding the original campaign KS exclusive items) which are fully compliant to the new Grim Dynasty expansion pack. 

Grim Dynasty introduces new Monsters to play as and Town Heroes to combat, as well as entirely new Villager types to contend with! The Militia are a poorly trained and disorganised rabble, but with the new Tactics mechanics a Tactician can enter play at any time and order them to execute devastating manoeuvres!

Village Attacks Grim Dynasty kickstarter campaign closes on 6th November 2019, 20.00 GMT

Get your sneak peek and be the first to preview the kickstarter campaign by clicking on the button here:


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