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Claim your land with the return of the classic game, Fjords, brought to life by Grail Games!

Grail Games is very excited to announce that after years of absence, we are bringing back the well-loved game Fjords, with brand new content and a stunning new look, thanks to the artist Beth Sobel! We have put in a lot of work to make this edition, not simply a reprint, but remade better! 

Kickstarter campaign launch : ​March 23, 2021 3 weeks campaign

In short: Fjords

Designer:​ ​Franz-Benno Delonge (TransAmerica, Container, Big City)
New content designer:​ Phil Walker-Harding (Sushi Go!, Imhotep, Gizmos)
Artist:​ Beth Sobel (Wingspan, Viticulture, Calico)
Age 8+ / 2-4 players / 30-45min

Originally released in 2005, ​Fjords​ is considered a modern classic. With its 2-part gameplay and tense decisions, we are now bringing this great game back - better than ever!










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