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Exploding Dice Sets

Triple Ace Games has teamed up with Dice Dudes to produce ten different sets of polyhedral dice, each featuring a second six-sided dice with a custom face showing a unique symbol for the six.

We are seeking your backing to bring this project to life!

We're calling these packs Exploding Dice Sets and they are perfect for use in games that use a wild die or exploding dice mechanic, such as the wonderful Savage Worlds RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Each of the custom dice feature a uniquely designed symbol that relates to a genre or recognisable theme and adds flavour to your RPG sessions! Whether you're into gritty Western games, pulp swords-and-sandals, or noir gangster settings we've got something for you!

We've chosen carefully the colors and designs so that each pack really stands out on the table! The colors we have decided allow the exploding dice to take center stage.

To pledge for one set is £8 ($10)  Launching 13th August 2019

Guide to Afghanistan

Designed for Ubiquity but great for any Cthulhu-themed game, the Guide to Afghanistan takes a look at this much-misunderstood land.

Explore the Hindu Kush. Navigate through the fertile valleys. Walk the great plains. See how the Lovecraft Mythos has left its mark on the lands.

Preorder now and you get the print volume and PDF bundle for just $14.99. Price will increase once the preorder ends.

Cthulhu Codicil

Last chance to pre-order the Cthulhu Codicil, folks!

The Kickstarter version contains 196 pages with 26 pages of exclusive content!

Don't miss your chance to own it as the retail version will only be a softcover with 170 pages!






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