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Twenty years ago, d20 Modern took the world by storm. Have you wondered what it would be like if the rules were updated to the sleeker, faster paced, fifth edition? Or what the original designers would have done differently with hindsight? Everyday Heroes does just that.

With new chase rules, a new wealth system, modern weapons, vehicles and much more, some of the best games designers in the field today have made Everyday Heroes a perfectly honed system that can deal with everything from spy thrillers to heists, to war epics, to all-guns-blazing out and out action!

18 classes, along with a plethora of backgrounds and professions, allow you to create any kind of modern action hero, from a gun-toting Marksman to a fist-swirling Brute or a detail-obsessed Mastermind.

Everyday Heroes lets you recreate the kind of action you see on the big screen. But with the 2023 Season Pass of Adventure it does more than that. These 8 Cinematic Adventures™ take you into these worlds created by some of the best action films of all time.

• Fire up your Jaeger and fight Kaiju in Pacific Rim
• Quell rebellions and fight insurgents with Rambo
• Befriend Kong and hunt terrible monsters on Skull Island
• Be reborn as an ultimate fighting machine in Universal Soldier
• Join the resistance and liberate Mars in Total Recall
• Rule the prison in Escape from New York
• Punish evil doers in The Crow
• Live throughout time and try to keep you head in Highlander!

The Twins

Buy one Cinematic Adventure™ or purchase them all with our discounted Season Pass of Adventure. We have pledge levels costing $25 and up. So, what are you waiting for? Get into the action today!

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Kickstarter - Everyday Heroes


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