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Welcome to Themeborne’s third Kickstarter campaign. 

Whether you're a returning backer or just discovering the Escape the Dark™ series for the first time, this new campaign is for you.    

With great pleasure we introduce our latest game: Escape the Dark Sector™.

Fans of Escape the Dark Castle™ will feel right at home with Sector’s core gameplay, and should check out the What’s New? section below to discover its exciting new features.

Newcomers, a warm welcome to the Escape the Dark™ community. This is a great starting point for you, and if you’re curious about the journey so far you can view our previous campaign here.

Wherever you hail from, step aboard with us now as we launch the series into the farthest reaches of space…

One of my favourite Dungeon Bash/Escape games is Escape the Dark Castle (and the subsequent expansions that make it more difficult and ultimately more enjoyable). Now the adventures have moved into Space where things can only get horribly, diabolically, worse for the brave adventurers . . .  . You'll need more than a Mars Bar or block of Galaxy to Boost your way out of this Kinder Egg of surprises, definitely not for Flakes.

So load up with goodies and get ready for an exciting trip down a wormhole that even Alice would be proud of .....


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