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Many years ago DWARVEN FORGE were just starting up and I was extremely lucky to be given some of their Dungeon product to play visual D&D™ games. I used this over and over for many years and recently passed it on to my son so he can use it at the games club he runs.

Nowadays Dwarven Forge are so big they no longer need reviews from dedicated amateurs like myself, though it would be nice to think that I/Games Gazette had a tiny part of their mega-rise to stardom, and their latest WILDLANDS series on Kickstarter shows just how large they have grown.

With 23 days to go (Monday 10th August) they have 1505 backers (as of 12:44 UK time) and of a required £76.489 goal the total is currently at £1.426.343 (yes, that's nearly £1.5m) and with over 3 weeks to go.

Myself and Games Gazette say a huge congratulations to Stefan Pokorny and his staff on continuing Dwarven Forge Dungeons and now expanding to the Wildlands - hang on folks, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Wildlands by Dwarven Forge: Handcrafted Modular Game Terrain

Dwarven Forge returns with their latest miniatures masterpiece. Bring your tabletop adventures to life with detailed forests, mountains, and swamps.


Imagine a diverse system of terrain to build the forests, mountains and swamps of your dreams: modular trees, grassy mounds, flowers, plants, rock formations, water features, fog, light and much, much more.  Over 150 all-new, intricately hand sculpted, hand painted pieces.  Fun, beautiful and built to last.  Build new stories, challenges and memories every time you play. Presenting Wildlands!

Here are our goals for Wildlands:

For a more immersive look, click here to explore our Wildlands website




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