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Who are you looking forward to seeing at UK Games Expo 2022?

Check Out Drags 2 Riches


Drags 2 Riches is a brand new board game launching on Friday 3rd June - which happens to be Day 1 of UK Games Expo. 

Whether your readers watch RuPaul's Drag Race, want to live their drag queen fantasy, or just think they can put together a more fabulous runway look than their friends, they are going to want to play this!


Who are we - and what is our game about?

We're Bored Wreckers Inc., an up-and-coming company with a mission to bring more diversity, inclusion and representation to the tabletop games industry. 

Drags 2 Riches is the first game we are launching - a deck-building game for 2-5 players where you have one goal: To create the fiercest possible looks for the runway!

  • Choose your Queen from an array of fabulous characters
  • Build your wardrobe
  • Choose the most strategic moment to reveal your look and rack up points!

Are you ready for a game this fierce? 

You can find us at Table 171 on Thursday's Press Evening. 

Otherwise, we'll be at the Expo all weekend, at 
Stand 1-555

We're looking forward to seeing you and giving you the chance to be one of the very first Drags 2 Riches players!


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