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Destination Fantastic

Stefan Pokorny is the man and the brains behind the amazing role-playing 3D scenario buildings, walls and just about everything you could ever need for a tabletop rpg adventure "DWARVEN FORGE"

Part artist, part philosopher, part jester, Stefan Pokorny preaches the virtues of fantasy gaming to all who will listen. Combining art, Dungeons and Dragons, and commerce, he formed his company Dwarven Forge in 1996, which has since become the gaming industry leader in the creation of miniature terrain and other fantasy sculptures. He has raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter for Dwarven Forge with the help of his legions of fans and is the subject of the documentary The Dwarvenaut, which premiered at SXSW in 2016. As an artist, he believes in travelling the world to see and experience all it has to offer in person.

A consummate storyteller and lifelong creative, Satine Phoenix has always had a passion for building worlds and growing communities. She began filming Dungeons and Dragons games in 2009 which led to the inception of Celebrity Charity D20 with Keith Baker, a livestreamed gaming event benefiting Reach Out and Read. From there, she has worked on hundreds of Dungeons and Dragons events and is often called the ‘Queen of D&D’. Her impact on the tabletop community has been acknowledged in such publications as Forbes, Time Magazine, io9, and Maxim. Wherever the story leads her, Satine has proven time and again that the language of play is a universal one, bringing people together through the power of imagination.




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