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This looks sensational - keep your eyes open for more news Kickstarer on MARCH 16th 2020
✅Cardboard components:
1x Main Board
1x Culture Board
4x Player Boards
150x Cardboard tokens (barbarians, stone, wood, leather, iron, gold)
✅93x Plastic unit miniatures:
25x Knights
30x Archery
38x Infantry
✅195x Plastic buildings miniatures:
44x Farms
15x City
10x Church
30x Keep
18x Iron Production Building
22x Stone Production Building
26x Leather Production Building
30x Wood production buildings
✅6x Special building miniatures 
✅40x Wooden components
✅116x Cards
This ambitious project aims to bring a truly epic experience to your table, but only YOU can help us succeed! Be a part of our new protect right from its launch on March 16th!
Finally, we are also very proud to announce that Dark Ages will also be crowdfunded in Germany through Spieleschmiede by the amazing Happyshops!
️Let’s start with the DATES:
START: The Dark Ages Kickstarter campaign will launch on March 16th!
LENGTH: Only 6 days! That is right! Be sure not to miss this epic game!
The campaign is short, so you can expect new content added every single day! Most Stretch Goals will introduce Modules: new game content that can be added to the game to tune your gameplay experience to your needs and the tastes of your gaming group!
❇️And now for the grand finale, the BOX CONTENTS and PRICE:
Dark Ages is a massive game – so massive that we are offering you two games. Which of the two you should choose depends on your preferences when it comes to theme, including which part of Europe you are more interested in.
➡️If you want to rule over the westernmost part of Europe, you want the HERITAGE OF CHARLEMAGNE, that focuses on today’s France, parts of Spain and England.
➡️If your ambition is to become the sovereign of today’s Germany and its immediate surroundings, go for the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE!
Each of the two boxes contains a set of unique leaders, special buildings and many unique technologies.
What’s more, you can combine both boxes, connect the boards, and create a MEGAGAME that can be played with up to 8 people!


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