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Last month I informed about Counter Terrorist Agency and its Kickstarter campaign. The great news is that the game already passed 1st goal (10 000 CA$) and it's halfway through to the 2nd goal which will allow creators of the game to add even more content. Over 670 gamers joined this campaign and there are still around 2 days left! The game is not at an early stage of development. It’s already finished in over 50%. Additional funding from the gaming community will help cover further development. Rewards for the backers include a demo version of the game so backers can right away test it and check how it will look like.

Counter Terrorist Agency is a real-time strategy game mixed with tycoon and simulation gameplay elements. The game’s focus is put on managing the organization and preventing attacks all over the world, using modern invigilation techniques. Infiltrate suspicious groups, listen to shady phone calls and read confidential e-mails.

The story about the game is definitely worth to cover and if you are interested we still have available codes to the demo version of the game. I would love to share it with you.



Kickstarter campaign:

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