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Victory rules 2.0 (beta) released!

Grab the rules! Hot of the press! Although we've gone through it very well, if you find a typo or anything, please don't hesitate to message us

We know you will like the faster, streamlined, gameplay. It is going to make teaching other how to play that much easier. This is so important since we know a lot of you are loving the idea of getting your friends involved in a multi-player mayhem! (hence, the next announcement...)

Under 3 days to go!     Go to the Kickstarter!

It's one of everything! Enough for that epic battle that you've always dreamed of! Alliances made and broken, treaties forged, wars on two or more fronts, desperate defenses and fantastic strategies all await!


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Victory! New Kickstarter has launched!

Check out this page

The classic World War 2 sandbox game updated and with improved machanics, more unit types, and streamlined gameplay has launched on Kickstarter!

Fans of Victory: The Blocks of War are going to be three reasons to be happy very soon.

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Unit Rosters Preview for Victory!

  We have released this preview of the unit rosters that go into each army. This list is not final, but we are confident tweaks should be minor at this point on. The stretch goal units, as they come, will be figured in later.

It is an interesting point to let you all know that much of the process of figuring out the rosters has as much to do with how many units to place in a set of 50 as much as it does figuring out their stats and what they do! It is a fun process but still can make the head spin.

Historical army add-ons for Victory!

Each army contains a different variety of units that reflect that country.  Armies for Australia, Canada, and U.S. Marines are also possible.  A sample of historical units for Germany, Russia, and the USA are shown below.

WW1, American Civil War, Napoleonic, Medieval, and Ancient armies are also possible.  The Victory maps work for all historical periods.
So, same great game with same maps and rules, tweaked for different time periods of course.  Only the blocks change; note the extra cost per step on some blocks (yellow circle).
Initial price is $19 per army (50 blocks), each with a different block color (black for Germany, red for Russia, and green for the USA).

Under 7 days to go!

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A short video of the game Victory!

Click for a short overview of the newest Kickstarter from Columbia Games!     Watch the video on Kickstarter!

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