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Updated information 3rd January. Please read to the end. Thanks.

Catapult Feud: Hydra - on Kickstarter Now

Special Kickstarter Deals include:

Join the Catapult Feud Kickstarter NOW!

Fun with Bricks!

"Timber" video submitted as part of our Catapult Feud 2021 Trick Shot Competition by Pieter De Kraai.

"Domino" video submitted as part of our Catapult Feud 2021 Trick Shot Competition by Ismael Sanz-Pena.

Did you know the Architect's Pack (aka stretch goals) now includes 32 bricks, 4 gates, and it is still growing?!

To give you an idea of what you can do with that many bricks, Catapult Feud base game has 32 bricks and 2 gates!

NEW Terrain Mat

Oh YES WE DID! You'll never have to argue about if the Viking Longship, Volcano or Hydra are in the right spot again! Just place this beautiful neoprene game mat in the middle of the battlefield at an equal distance away from both castles and place the expansions in their relevant environments!


The Terrain Mat can be added to your pledge for $15 OR pledge for the 2-Player Bundle and get it FREE! That is correct, all 2-Player Bundle Pledges get the Terrain Mat FREE!

Total Value $245 USD

Learn More: Vikings expansion!

The next Catapult Feud expansion is the Vikings!

The beat of the drums grows louder and louder... a Viking Longship appears through the mist. Raiders charge as the Wolf's Bane blasts cannon balls towards the castles! This family feud just got a little more complicated...

Ready, Aim... Defend your Castle!

The Vikings expansion adds new characters and the Viking Longship. Try your best to avoid the cannon's blast or use it against your opponent! Beware of raiders approaching your castle!


Now imagine the Longship on the new Terrain mat! Upgrade your pledge today!

ore from this creator
UPDATE #4 Hydra in action! Volcano!
UPDATE #3 Happy New Year! More Stretch Goals Unlocked! Artificer's Tower Inside Look!



Add some holiday fun to your castle smashing!
During setup at the beginning of the game, each player places one or two Tree ammo piece(s) on the highest viable place(s) on their castle. If/when the ammo piece(s) fall or are knocked off, the player whose tree fell gets to fire it at the attacking opponent in retribution for such an unceremonial felling of the festive tree. When firing it at your opponent, players are encouraged to cry "Tannenbaum!!!".

Tannenbaum!!! was the winner of our Catapult Feud Holiday Ammo Competition! Thank you to everyone who entered andvoted, and to Paul B for the awesome idea!

Back this campaign ($30 or more) in the first 72 hours and you will receive the Holiday Ammunition pack for FREE!

This special ammo is included in the Artificer's Tower Expansion. 

Instead of a boulder, load your weapon with a beehive! If you hit any of your opponent’s bricks, the beehive "breaks open" and the bees chase their troops. Move up to 3 of your opponent’s troops to new valid locations, following the Troop Placement Rules.

Launch rubber dice at your opponent's castle! 

Depending on the side it lands, there are 3 possible outcomes:

There are enough cards and components in this pack to play with up to 4 players.

This mini-expansion introduces a new game mode, the Royals, and a new ammo type, the Smelly Fish.

When you load and launch a Smelly Fish at your opponent's castle, in addition to any damage it may deal, if the Smelly Fish lands at a distance of 2 or less from any troop, those troops faint from the stench and they are removed from the game!!!

The special yellow ring can be added to the base of one of your troops to make that troop Royal. The Royal Troop has to be removed from play last! If they are knocked down during the game, and they are not the last troop standing, then they get back up and the play continues.

There are enough cards and components in this pack to play with up to 4 players.

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Vesuvius Media LtdProject Creator  

Ready. Aim. LAUNCH! Build your castle, set up your troops, load your catapults and use your cunning tactics to conquer the floor!

After the KS comes the Shipping: Shipping Cost Estimates:

Vesuvius Media is a small (but mighty!), Canadian, development company. Starting off by producing online strategy games, Vesuvius Media branched into new areas of production and currently boasts online games, mobile games, graphic novels and board games in its portfolio.

What makes Vesuvius Media different from all the other companies? Vesuvius Media is community-driven. Whether online or on the table, its game designers and developers interact with players, listen, debate, and continually gather feedback. Its community of players help shape the future of its games!

Vesuvius Media has successfully Kickstarted fifteen (15) projects. To date, fourteen projects have been produced and delivered. Its most recent Kickstarter project is currently in production and scheduled for delivery in spring 2022.

Learn more about Vesuvius Media's Kickstarter Projects, history and stats, here:

Bricks + More Bricks = AWESOME CASTLES

Imagine what amazing creations we'll be able to build with the Architect's Pack!

During this campaign, we will be using the Stretch Goals to create a Kickstarter Exclusive Brick Pack, the Architect's Pack. This pack will be included with all pledge levels that include stretch goals, or if you pledge $30 or more in the new DIY pledge level! You can see the Architect's Pack content on the main Kickstarter campaign page (which will grow with the campaign!).

Learn More: Artificer's Tower Expansion!

The second expansion for Catapult Feud, is Artificer's Tower!

The Chauforts and the Cunningfields build higher and higher, as the fued continues to grow. The Mightly Plunger rams into action, moving closer into battle! Will the troops be safe in the Artificer's Tower or will the fall be their last? Buzzzzzzzzzz... what's that sound?!!!


The Artificer's Tower expansion adds new weapons, tower bricks, and new ammo, Bee Hives! Launch a Bee Hive at your opponent's castle and watch their troops scatter!

The Mighty Plunger

The Artificer's Tower Rulebook

Click Here to download the Artificer's Tower Expansion rulebook and check out all the awesome ways it adds new dynamics to the game! Please note, the Catapult Feud Kickstarter edition of the game will have the rules in English. There isn't any text on the Tactics cards or on any of the game components. That said, you can download our PDFs of the rulebooks in French, German and Spanish!

The Bee Hive

Instead of a boulder, load your weapon with a bee hive! If you hit any of your opponent’s bricks, the beehive "breaks open" and the bees chase their troops. Move up to 3 of your opponent’s troops to new valid locations, following the Troop Placement Rules.

The Content

Catapult Feud Artificer's Tower Expansion Contents (formerly known as Catapult Kingdoms Artificer's Tower Expansion)


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