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Box Dungeon Minimalist RPG is NOW ON KICKSTARTER

9th February 2021

Fantasy author and game designer, Aden Ng, brings you a card board game experience that runs the gamut of the tabletop role-playing game experience in a box that fits in the palm of your hands.

Create Any Hero

With over 60 unique playable cards to mix-and-match in a hero builder, create your ideal adventurer. Be it an archer, paladin, monk, or sharpshooter. You are only limited by your imaginations (and the rules of the game).

Explore the Box(y) Dungeon

Even without experience as a dungeon master, any player can pick up the role with over 60 unique map cards and event cards, helping you tell a different story for every play through, guarantee one will never have the same game twice.

Beginner Friendly

A three years design process has shortened the usual lengthy 3 hour learning curve down to a rulebook that takes just 15 minutes to teach. Easy to set up with no preparations, one can simply pull out the box anytime to scratch their RPG itch.

Box Dungeon will prepare you for any adventure anywhere else, and still gives its own unique gameplay that you can come back to. So check us out on Kickstarter!










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