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In the very near future instead of creating BIG and GIANT Books of DUNGEON floor plans the new set is going to be 2 Books sized 12"x12" in a case. If I get to see these I will report my findings back to you with photos and chat as usual. In the meantime may I suggest you take a look here where you will find the Kickstarter page of the new Dungeon Books and the extras available when various goals are met.



Remember that LOKE also have other Books of Maps available


LOKE are making big waves in the Tabletop games market with their exciting 'books' of Wipe-Clean Battle Maps.

They have A4 BIG books and A3 GIANT books both of which are great for tabletop Role-Playing Games and also for games using miniatures. The GIANT books are best for home or club use where they are not continually carried around as they are subject to being easily damaged in transit - the glossy pages crease if bent.

The pages are all overlaid with 25mm squares, just large enough for the basic D&D and Star Wars miniatures with the larger figures taking up 4 squares. All double-pages of the A4 BIG book (and the A3 Giant book) form one large (or larger) play area of the same terrain type, moon/planet surfaces, desert sands and rocks, indoor buildings, these are just a few of the sceneries on which adventures and battles can be played out.


Of course D&D in the 21st Century is basically a miniatures game, thus these pages are great for showing the Player Characters what they are walking through or perhaps whether they can search for something useful, while the GM can use the items and stuff 'discarded' on the terrain (as is on some pages) as part of the big picture in their grand sceme of an adventure scenario.

With the surfaces being 'wipe-free' GMs can use laundry pens and non-permanent markers to plot paths or block off parts of the terrain etc according to the scenario. Many pages can be used to bring to life, with a little creative thought, places and buildings from a pre-written 'official' adventure which maybe only has a general map of the area and no actual defining points.


When playing small skirmish games I have kept the pages on the central wire spiral. If you take the pages out of the book then you will have unsightly crinkly-edges unless you are adept with a very sharp craft knife and an extremely straight (metal probably better than wood)  ruler. Then when you butt two pages together the 'join-line' will count as the fourth side of the square for both sheets. The bonus for leaving the pages in the book is that you always have an immediate selection of terrain to choose from and can set up an A3 size map in seconds, literally by opening the book. 

However, if you remove the pages from the book, again I urge you to be careful when doing so, then you can make larger tabletop maps with different scenery adjacent; outdoor pages can butt against buildings - the GM stating that the edge of the building is the outer wall so characters cannot walk in from the outside without finding (or making - characters can be crafty with blasters and/or explosives) a door/entrance. Out of the book building pages adjacent to other building pages make larger indoor areas where characters can investigate and explore. 

With 60 pages, that's 30 different terrain types doubled, you have more possibilities of different floorplans than I can even begin to add up, even if I take my socks off.


You can find the BIG book of Sci-Fi Maps online at prices ranging between £17.00 - £21.00. The GIANT Book of Sci-Fi Maps can be located online at £28.50 (at the time of receiving the BIG book I hadn't known there was a GIANT book also, though it should have been obvious to me as I have the GIANT Book of Battle Maps and I understand there is also a BIG Book of Battle Maps.

In my photographs I am using a selection of my own WotC Star Wars® miniatures. As you can see, the squares of the BIG Book of Sci-Fi are perfectly suited to the bases of these minis.


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