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Resident Evil: The Board Game

Based on the 2002 remake of the original Capcom video game Resident Evil: The Board Game is a cooperative survival horror game for 1-4 players. Step into the boots of a S.T.A.R.S. member and enter the sinister Spencer Mansion to uncover the horrifying truths within. Search for secrets and survivors in an open world crawling with enemies, as the danger level rises around you. In the darkness lie your fears. Can you survive the night?
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Bardwood Grove

Bardwood Grove is an evolving, card-based euro game that puts a unique spin on deck-building. You and up to four other friends assume the role of fantastical bards, singing songs of glory and making a name for yourself in the Five Realms. Look forward to managing a unique tempo dial mechanism that dictates how often your tableau activates, and snappy gameplay that sees players crafting and optimizing epic Song tableaus. Tell legends, soothe enraged beasts, challenge other bards to musical duels, and play sold-out shows to adoring fans in Bardwood Grove, on Kickstarter now!
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City of the Great Machine

City of the Great Machine is a One-vs-Many strategy game set in the Victorian steampunk universe. The game features a modular board that changes throughout the game, hidden movement, and asymmetric intense gameplay. The characters are represented with highly detailed miniatures. One player takes on the role of the Great Machine, an overseer of the sky City. The player commands a force of perfected servants and guards in an effort to complete the Master Plan to enhance the mankind. The other players are valiant Heroes working together against the Great Machine to stop the Master Plan and bring about a revolution! Which side will you take?
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