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Coming late June to Gamefound - Amun-Re 20th Anniversary Edition

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Amun-Re: 20th Anniversary Deluxe edition!  Coming to Gamefound late June! 

We are so excited to be bringing Reiner Knizia's classic to Gamefound next month, with our Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition!  

In Amun-Re, players represent the actions of Nomarchs, Ancient Egyptian governors in charge of the provinces of the land. ​

Bid for provinces, farm the land, and buy stone to build pyramids across Egypt. At the end of each round, make your offerings to Amun-Re to improve your farming yield and reap the rewards of a good harvest. ​

Now with 3 new expansions, prepare your personal tomb for the afterlife, build great statues across the land, and explore new ways to play at 2 and 3 players.


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