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Class is in session! Magical minis for college roleplaying adventures 📚🔮

by Painting Polygons

Most of us begin roleplaying campaigns at the start of an adventure. Whether you’re heading off to fight a monster or seeking a precious item, your character’s got the basic skills and equipment and they’re ready to head out into the world and make a mess!

But wait...

Owlfolk Wizard

...surely they learned those basic skills somewhere, right? That’s right. Even would-be adventurers have gotta go to school. That’s why Painting Polygons have crafted these magical new minis, representing college-aged characters for all your favourite adventuring classes!


Now, your character can go to class to learn their class — and no doubt get in some serious mischief along the way!

Lionfolk Barbarian

Those are just some of the students you'll encounter. We've got plenty more to meet! For a sneak peek at their silhouettes, check out the teaser trailer for Adventures & Academia:

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Half-Orc Druid


Steamforged Games and Painting Polygons are on Kickstarter right now looking to fund the creation of their new Animal Adventures set, Secrets Of Gullet Cove, which introduces you into a world of 5th Edition roleplaying with the aid of wonderful cats and dogs!

The new boxed set comes with a sourcebook which allows you to dive into a campaign which uses the 5th Edition D&D rules as a backdrop. It works for those starting roleplaying for the first time and those who have been playing the game since they were in short shorts! Of course, the set also comes with a selection of new miniatures (both dogs and cats!) which can be used as both player characters and potential NPCs that you'll bump into along the way.

Secrets Of Gullet Cove Pledge - Painting Polygons

As you can see, the set currently contains a bunch of new miniatures for the heroes plus you also get to snap up those rather fun villains including the wererats and skeletal cats! Even if you don't use them for your animal adventures I think that these models would be fun for regular roleplays too! You also get the shining example of goodness which is the Warden Of The Golden Collar. Who fell down the well?

The campaign has also unlocked a couple of stretch goals already including the Necromastiff and a book full of Adventure Content. So, if you want to keep telling your stories with your heroes then you have plenty of options to do so thanks to the work put into this project.

You can also snap up a bunch of extras including themed dice, coins, pins and more. I think this is a really fun project which is all about the fun of playing varied games in Dungeons & Dragons. More content is always good as it allows you to expand your mind to the interpretations of a game.

Are you tempted to give this a go?


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