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HYPERPARASITE is currently pre-Alpha and is soon to be launched on KICKSTARTER

With work well underway, Troglobytes Games has earmarked a 2019 release, the developer seeks to raise a modest $29,000 to accelerate development, and to aid the porting to consoles. HyperParasite, will commence October 10, 2018.

The game offers:

It is currently a pre-Alpha on Steam. The screenshots below have been taken whilst playing.


The game begins with a slimy, smokey ooze, slobbering across the floor. You assume control of it and can move it slithering and bubbling through the visible landscapes, buzzing and erupting like an electric blue mass of energy. In this form you have some but limited actions available to you, but it isn't too long before you find a suitable human to encapsulate and then enter, leaving you, the player, in the driver's seat with a puppet to obey your commands.


Whatever the puppet human can do, skills, actions etc, then the Hyperparasite (ie. you) can do. However if the human puppet takes enough damage then the Hyperparasite will leave the host body and return to its original form leaving you to find another suitable body.


At the moment the game is waiting to be completed. The WASD movement is smooth enough as is the using of the Left Mouse Button (LMB) and [Space] bar for left and right hand but nothing as yet highlights when you move the cursor around looking for the next link in the journey, one can only assume that these will be added in the next update unless the designers are deliberately making it difficult to discover objects and objectives.

Apart from possibly highlighting hot/action spots my personal opinion is that it would be more comfortable to play if the screens were a mite lighter, I'm not a great fan of the blackened visuals where it is difficult to even see outlines. In some games this darkness supplies an edge of seat atmosphere but in Hyperparasite that atmosphere is not required.

As I get further into the game and/or more updates become available, then I will update this page and continue to do so until the Kickstarter campaign has completed.

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