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Demo version reviewed. Card quality good but not shop ready, rules on one sheet of A4 (all text), illustrations colourful but not sharp or glossy.
None of the above are taken into account for this review, only the game as it plays.

WAS on Kickstarter for RTK: (you can still read the page though the KS has ended)
INFO:       PUBLISHERS:        CREATED by RTK and Teamcustardkraken
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Obviously whenever you want a full-on, armed to the teeth, sure-fire, guaranteed win battle, then you turn to the mightiest of warriors known to man - the Penguin! (aka the 'king Penguin)

Two decks of cards, 60 in each deck and differentiated by their Blue backs (Penguin cards) and White backs (Action cards) and an A4 sheet of rules printed both sides, thus no illustrations.


As with most comedic games much of the comedy is in the names on the cards/of the characters etc. This is no exception to this practise - your sense of humour could influence your thoughts on this game:

Amongst the PENGUIN cards (Red,Yellow, Blue, Grey, Purple) here you will find; Emperor Tesla, Long John Shivers, Joan of Pentarctica, Bobbin Hood, The Mighty Thaw, Penghis Khan and Pengthulhu.

Amongst the ACTION cards (Red, Green or Blue) here you will find; Dumpster Diving, Step to the Right (sadly no Jump to the Left), Angelic Revival, Voodoo Hoodoo, Holy Shield and Portal of Doom.


PENGUIN cards are used to Attack and Defend, the numbers in the Left and Right bottom of the cards are the Attack and Defence and can be modified by Weapons and Armour cards, weapon values adding to Attack and Armour values to Defence. When fighting opponent's Penguins you compare the Attacks of both Penguins versus the Defence of Both Penguins, a 7 - 5  versus a 5 - 7 would see both Penguins defeated (their defences have reached/gone below zero  7A vs 7D and 5A vs 5D).
PENGUIN Deck:  Grey cards are Armour, Purple cards are Trinkets, Red cards are Curses and Yellow cards are Weapons - Blue cards are Penguins
ACTION deck: Red cards are Curses, Blue cards are Spells and Green cards are Instants.

Trinkets are immune to combat and are played on the player (well they aren't given to the Penguins) and like Weapons and Armour they give a Bonus, though they also have a secondary Bonus if the owner has the associated Penguin in play (ie. The Tesla Cannon doubles its Attack value for Emperor Tesla).
Curses are to be played immediately they are drawn (with exceptions) unless they are in your first dealt hand in which case they become Instants but however they are played they affect every player.
Spell cards are unique (no duplicates) and are very useful if you can form card combinations when casting them.
Instants are similar to Spells but played at any time (not quite true as they can be played Before an Opponent's turn, During Combat, or as you are Defeated.


PENGUIN BRAWL is a crazy fast-play short term game that is either fun or not depending on your sense of humour. It can be played Head to Head or by up to 9 players (aka Penguins Gone Wild), you can even add 2 packs together to make a 240 card wilder game. Although it nis a "brawl" play is in Turns and not all-at-the-same-time like some other games of the brawling genre.

If you have ever played NUCLEAR WAR you know that when you are defeated and your population has all died you get one last push of the button, setting off all the missiles and warheads you possibly can. Losing your total health in PENGUIN BRAWL means that you cannot win the game, but you can continue to play as a ROGUE Penguin and try to take out the Penguins in play - the winner (if anyone is bothered about winning or losing - it's that type of game) is the player who has reduced all other player Penguins health to zero.

PENGUIN BRAWL epitomises the value of self-publishing.

We started making up our own cards which (in our demented gamer minds thought could have been added to the fun:
d) The PENGUIN is mightier with a Sword
f) FTP (For The Penguin!)
g) FPS (For PENGUINs Sake)
h) The PENGUIN'S REPOSE (an Inn)This caught a life of its own and we were soon inundated by the names of Pubs - way too many to mention.
j) The PENGUINS of CATANICA  (possible copyright infraction)
Try it yourself, you can have great fun whilst making up new names and places and you never know, together we might even inspire an expansion.
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