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My Little Scythe

Stonemaier Games

 Originally a print-and-play, simplified version of Scythe by father-daughter team Hoby and Vienna Chou with a My Little Pony theme,

Stonemaier games, publishers of the origional Scythe, picked it up and published it using their standard (amazing) quality and production.

The game plays really very quickly and smoothly, with pre-setup determined by number of players. Each player controls two minis, representing their animal faction, with each mini taking two actions per turn.

You can move, seek or make.

Movement is a simple choice move 2 spaces, or 1 space bringing with you any items in the hex you are in.

Seeking is the games way of "seeding" the board with the commodities you need to win trophies. This is again very simple, grab the dice, roll them, and put the depicted item on a space matching the colour of the dice. If you put an item into a space occupied by an opponent, you gain friendship (which is a tie-breaker but also having a required amount of friendship will also collect you a trophy).

Making is, you guessed it, easy. You choose the type of upgrade you want to make, pick up the top few cards from that deck, pay the cost (an apple and a gem) select one and put the others at the bottom of the pile. These upgrades affect your movement options or those of your making. Also under making, you can turn 2 apples into pies, or 2 gems into a magic card. Pies being both ammo in player vs. player pie fights and magic cards being extra ammo in a pie fight.

To win, you really just need to play the game, as it is a genuine pleasure and a great game to play with the family, but in game terms, to win you need to be the first to rack up 4 trophies (out of a possible 8 categories).
Players can earn trophies by delivering gems and apples to the castle at the center of the board, winning a pie fight, earning a specific amount of Friendship, having a certain amount of Magic in their hand, completing a specific amount of quests, upgrading their Make and Move actions, and earning a specific number of Pies. The first to get 4 trophies triggers the end-game where each of the other players may take one more action. The person with the most trophies wins. In case of a tie the player with the most Friendship wins.
The game is complete, with everything needed to play with 1-6 players explained simply and in detail, along with a painting guide for the amazing miniatures provided with the game and Game Trayz custom insert to store everything neat and organized.
Having never played Scythe, i cannot personally comment on how similar it is, but friends tell me it is a scaled down, family friendly adaptation which players of the original will notice and pick up on.
My Little Scythe is a great game to have on hand when you have less time, but still want to play a game with choices and options. It is great fun to play with your kids, but equally can be turned into a strategic gamer pie fight too!
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