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There's not a lot I can say about MEGA CITY OCEANIA from Hub Games except that while it was in stock at Chaos Cards, it's price of just £10.00 ( was a real bargain (compared against it's just under £30.00 elsewhere). 

It is a crazy, chaotic game, where players take various shaped plastic pieces and attempt to create a skyline view, a massive Cityscape when viewed side on. Actually the creations never looked anything like the artwork on the box showed - though I suppose that painting the pieces (if they weren't so glossy a plastic) might have made some difference - though I doubt it!


Build your tower on a hexagonal board then slide it across the table to affix it adjacently to one side of the growing Metropolis. I have to admit that for 10 minutes or so the game is hilarious. Pieces are constantly being dropped (along with expletives from frustrated players) and then when you finally have the perfect tower, made from the required pieces and reaching the necessary height, you have to battle against the outer forces known as:  Shaky hands, creases in the tablecoth and abrupt stopping as you slide your tower just a little too fast etc .. Not many completed towers reached their destination.

Absolutely crazy. Ridiculously funny. Belly-achingly frustrating. A great game? No! A lot of fun? most definitely Yes!

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